The Truth of Gout [Eng.]

The key, is to lower the uric acid!

Is the routine always in a circle as “gout attack – kill pain – gout attack – kill pain…” in your life? The pain killer doesn’t lower the uric acid, but it only eases the pain and inflammation at the moment. As long as the uric acid is still high, it’ll leave you in the vicious circle repeating the recurrence routine. Furthermore, uric acid could gradually accumulate in the kidney or other organs and increase the chances to develop other fatal diseases like kidney failure, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Since the key to keep gout away is to “lower the uric acid”, why do some people still be “attacked” while the uric acid is lowered? 

First of all, we need to understand GOUT a little more:

When uric acid is too high and starts to accumulate in the joint, the white blood cells see these depositions as intruders and attack. This reaction is called “phagocytosis”, and it causes inflammation, swelling, stinging, and pain. And so is when the uric acid drops rapidly, the crystalized uric acid starts to dissolve, so the white blood cells again start to attack the dissolved crystals, that is what we call “溶晶痛” (crystal dissolution pain), or “移转性痛风” (tranfersive gout pain). And this pain level is probably 1 / 4 of the regular gout attack, and may feel stiff in the joint or difficult to bend. And sometimes you may even feel pain in some places where you don’t feel it. This is because the uric acid drops too fast, and the gout crystal dissolution is happening in the joints over the body. At this moment, enough water consumption is very important, the body needs water to get rid of the dissolved uric acid. Or you should have the uric acid drop more slowly.

How to deal with “溶晶痛” (crystal dissolution pain)?

  1. If you take some medicines to lower uric acid, or if you take the supplements that contain “ANTI-CRYSTAL Biotech.”, don’t increase the consumption yourself. If the uric acid drops too hard, it may cause more pain.

  2. If you are on normal consumption and “溶晶痛” (crystal dissolution pain) still happens, you can discuss with your doctor about dosage adjustments. And if you are taking supplements with “Dis-crystallization Biotech.”, you may reduce the consumption to half of the original amount, for example, you can adjust it from 2 tablets a day to 1 tablet a day.

  3. When in the Summer, we lose water easily, and drinking water becomes more important. Regular and enough water consumption every day can help the body take the uric acid out of our body faster (about 3000ml of water everyday), this can help avoid the cause of “溶晶痛” (crystal dissolution pain).

Please note:

  • [On regular maintenance basis] Recommended consumption is 2 tablets after breakfast everyday.

  • [On gout-attack happening] Because the body is having inflammation, if taking medicines, please follow doctor’s advice. As for supplements, you can reduce the consumption to half the amount, which will be 1 tablet a day.

  • During the consumption period, except for a healthy diet and routine, must drink enough water (about 3000ml a day) to speed up the uric acid metabolism.

  • If you are on any medication, don’t stop it by yourself, please consult your doctor for advice on the supplement consumption.