What to do if the uric acid is too high? Understand the reason and symptoms in 2 minutes and find the way to improve quickly

Nowadays, people spend lots of time at work, some people often eat out and may take too much meat and foods with lots of purine, and drink alcohol at social events. When they see the physical check-up report, by the shocked face seeing the warning on uric acid level, they start to be aware of the sign that their body is having some trouble. So, what to do if the uric acid is too high? What approaches to take to lower uric acid? Don’t worry, Mr. Taizaku will lay it all out for you, and help you get your health back.

The causes of high uric acid – high production of uric acid and low metabolic rate

The uric acid in the body is primarily transferred from purines. And the purines are from: 1. amino acid and nucleic acid breakdown in our body, it’s our body’s natural metabolism, and accounts for 80% of all uric acid production a day. 2. From the purines in the foods. The liver breaks down these purines and produces uric acid. Compared to the diet, the metabolic rate is the main reason that affects how much uric acid will be stored in our body.


What would high uric acid affect our body? 2 symptoms could damage our body

Gouty arthritis and gout stone caused by uric acid crystalLization 

Gouty arthritis commonly happens in the joint at the end point joint in our limbs like toe joints, finger joints, wrist joints, it’s because uric acid is carried by the blood through our body, and when it passes the limb end point places that have poor blood circulation, the uric acid may accumulate in the joint here crystalizing, and trigger the white blood cells’ attack, resulting in gout pain. And when the uric acid in blood is way too high, too many crystals build up in the joint, leading to the deformation of the joint, as a gout stone.


However, high uric acid is not gout, only about 10% of the people with high uric acid will have gout symptoms. But the gout possibility is still related to the uric acid.


Urethral stones and uremia caused by kidney disorder

Uric acid not only will accumulate in the joint, but can also build up tiny crystals in the kidney, leading to kidney diseases, poor uric acid metabolism, and push the uric acid level to a worse status, as a vicious circle. And when urinating, if the uric acid crystals build up in the urethral system, it can lead to urethral stones and cause hematuria (blood in urate) and uremia.


What to do if uric acid is too high? 4 approaches to help you lower uric acid

To have your uric acid back to normal, Mr. TAIZAKU suggests to you 4 approaches below to improve:


1. Consult professional doctors for assistance

First of all, go to a professional hospital for a check-up and find out the reason that causes your high uric acid condition. Is it because of poor metabolism or poor diet habits that produce too much uric acid?


2. Regular water consumption at least 2000ml everyday

Enough water consumption can help the urate carry more uric acid and take it out of the body. About 2000ml ~ 3000ml water is the average amount a person should drink a day.


3. Control the diet, reduce high purine food

Mr. TAIZAKU lists out the low purine foods and high purine foods split by the value of 150mg purine in every 100g food:

Type Low purine foods High purine foods
Egg/Diary/Bean Milk, dairy products, eggs… Beans, bean products…
Meat duck blood, animal blood… High fat meat, like beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and animal offals…
Sea food lobster, asian swamp eel, sablefish, sea cucumber, grass carp, squid… shrimp, tuna, salmon, sardine, anchovies, silver carp, milkfish, moonfish, oyster, clam…
Whole grains rice, noodles, wheat, oats, cereals, sweet potato, potato, corn…  
Veg/fruit mostly other than the right column Bean seedlings, asparagus, laver, soybean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms


Also, drinking less sugary beverages and alcohol is highly suggested in case it lowers the uric acid metabolic rate.


4. Regular exercise, maintain your ideal body weight

At least 30 mins of medium intensity exercise every day can help blood circulation and uric acid metabolism, especially for overweight people.


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